Connected move of overlapping control points

Hi again,

Is there a way to select one control point, and have all overlapping control points selected?

But maybe I’m going in wrong direction, so I will just say what I want to achieve. Let’s say I have two surfaces, that are adjacent. I want to move one corner of the surface in such a way, that corner of adjacent surface will also move in the same direction. This would be kind of ‘connected move’, do you have any ideas of how could this be done?

Is this really something you want to facilitate as a developer? It is perfectly possible for the user to do this: turn on grips (control points) for both surfaces; rectangle-drag-select all overlapping control points; drag to new location or SetPt command for new location.

Also, I suspect this could be facilitated with History somehow.

The thing is, that in the same location I can have corners of many surfaces, typically I have corners of 4 to 8 plates, and when I’m editing the geometry, I want to drag all control points at once, as this kind of operations could be for several of hours of work. So dragging each corner one by one increase working time significantly.
And how about adding another option for the drop down menu, that appear when there are several objects to choose form? There can be 6 control points and “None” is also possible to select, how about adding to this menu option “all” ?