Computer build help please

I plan on building a new desktop for redundancy. If you have the time to review this list and provide feedback I would be very grateful.

Unless you really really need a new computer now and can’t find a 3080, don’t buy a 20-series nvidia GPU, they’re a really bad value now. Apparently the not-yet released 3070 beats the 2080ti.

Thank you for the feedback, that makes sense and I like the idea of value! The 30 series seems to be a lot more costly (if it were in stock) and is mostly out-of-stock on both EVGA and NewEgg Sites. One thing I liked about this GPU is it’s variety of output ports. 3 Video Ports, 1 HDMI and one USC-C port going out.

Thing is that I don’t desperately need another computer now, but my current desktop has some age and since I teach CAD, I like to have redundancy in my system…

is the 3080 any good at viewport display compared to a workstation card in the same price range?

Yeah…though the Specviewperf benchmarks indicate it’s been “kneecapped” to leave room for new Quadros.