Compute timeout issue

Hii .I have created one grasshopper file for creating lattice structure.

For this i have implemented one endpoint and calling that through python script which contain c# code for executing the grasshopper defination.

This grasshopper file need time for execution . Originally faced a timeout error of 100 seconds during the execution of the Grasshopper file, the issue was resolved by configuring the timeout duration through the Rhino_Compute_Timeout environment variable

Still getting internal server error at 100 sec .Any help with this will be aprreciated.Thanks in advance .

I don’t know much about your python setup. I can see that you have a timeout variable that is set to 100,000, but can you confirm that this is indeed setting the timeout for your HTTP client? I can’t think of any other reason why a timeout would be getting triggered if you’ve set both the client and server side timeout values. Is it possible to break the grasshopper definition into smaller sub-definitions, each which would hopefully return a response in a shorter duration of time, thus not triggering the timeout issue?

@AndyPayne Thank you for your reply. Is it like each grasshopper.Evaluatdefination will take 100 sec seperately if divide the defination in smaller parts.?

This GrasshopperCompute.EvaluateDefinition call has 100 sec timeout as default.How can we handle this?

@Supriya Are we positive the request actually makes it to the sever over tcp connection? Do you see that in the server logs? Also positive that server has seen the timeout value set in environment vars?

It’s odd that the timeout is exactly 100 secs. You would get a Timeout exception on the python side if the python request time outs. It seems to me that the compute server might not have the correct timeout.

@eirannejad Compute have the correct timeout and also environment variables are set but getting timeout on that GrasshopperCompute.EvaluateDefinition .

@eirannejad This is how calling the endpoint through python script through port 80 which is tcp connection and environment variable are set still getting error

You should be able to follow these scripts in this guide to update your VM to the latest deployment. Is this what you were asking?

Hi. Unfortunately, we don’t really have any experience internally with Docker containers. There have been a few users who have successfully set up a Docker image to run Rhino.Compute and I can point you to some discourse threads… but I’m afraid that’s about as much as I can help. Try having a look at this thread (Docker file for rhino.compute.exe) to see if it helps.

I’ll have to try to dig in to try to test this. Do you have an example file I can test? I don’t think this would cause trouble but the “RH_IN” method of defining inputs is pretty outdated. The preferred method would be to use one of the context get components instead. Have you tried that?