Compute (Start / Units )

Hey team,

in which unit do I have to work in Rhino & Grasshopper when developing a script, so that its displayed in the correct size in compute online?

I worked in a file with mm and no commas in the sliders. When I import it in compute and display online with three.js it seems to parse it in meters, because the model is very huge and no shadows etc. appear. (They are enabled)

Are there maybe import settings in compute for this case? Where do I find them?

Is there something like a guided starter tutorial, how to set up a nice and clean, proper working scene with a grasshopper script and compute and three.js from scratch?


I am not sure the units should matter. If you model is in mm, your camera in threejs should be positioned appropriately to see your model and should be similar values to the view position in Rhino. Is that not the case?

No unfortunately not. I have to take a deeper look into this. Maybe our three.js setup is also part of our problem.