Compliance for topology optimization

Bonjour, Anna,

Nice plugin. Do you know how to get compliance (elastic strain energy) when using Kiwi-3D to solve topology otimization?


unfortunately, it is currently not directly possible. I will add this on the to-do-list.
However, you could calculate this on your own by using the external force compliance = 0.5 F u. Only Gauss integration weights are needed for line and surface loads since you can get the Gauss point positions from the plugin. For untrimmed surface or edges this would be easy to derive.
Best, Anna


The result of topology optimization is trimmed surface. I have no idea to solve the problem. Could you give me an example file about how to get compliance value?
Merci beaucoup.



it gets more complicated for trimmed surface since the integration becomes more difficult. I will try to add a compliance feature to Kiwi3d 0.3.1.

If an approximation is enough, you could try to measure the compliance by meshing the structure and evaluate and integrate the displacements like shown in the following example file: (15.4 KB)

Hi, Anna,
Thank you for your example. Hope you can add compliance feature to Kiwi3D.