Company in Berlin, where they are using Grasshopper?

Hello Guys,
can anyone recommend me a company in Berlin, where they are using Grasshopper?
I´m an Architecture student and i want to move to berlin to practice my grasshopper skills.
It´s hard to find companys who are using these tools.
Some help would be great! Thanks a lot!
Best regards Alex

I think there might be a secret monastery somewhere on The Berg where they teach the ancient Grasshopper skills.

What you’re looking for sounds a bit backwards though, shouldn’t you aspire to join a firm based on their works or ideology, rather than their choice of software?

At any rate, I’m not sure any of the users/companies I know in Berlin are fine with me sharing that information with others, so I’m afraid that in the light of erring on the safe side I can’t be of much help… sorry.

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Transferred to the GH forum, maybe get a better response…

I´m a student and want to use one semester for an practical input with grasshopper among others.
I dont want to spend my whole life in this company, so sometimes you have to choose the way where you can learn something. But in princip you’re right that you should choose the company according to the ideology.

I can understand that you can´t pass information because of security reasons.
Anyway thanks for the quick feedback.