Command to draw a curve on Brep?


Is there a command to draw a curve( with certain length) on a Brep ?

CrvSrf (Curve On Surface) accepts a list of points but the path followed by the curve can be disappointing because it will avoid crossing edges.

Hi Joseph:

Thank you but I need one on a Brep, polysurface, not on surface.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Hi Joseph:

Sorry for my previous post. Here is the file. I guess the Brep type is pretty tricky, it might involve Evaluate component?
testCurveOnBrep.3dm (36.5 KB)

This one is just barely better, as there is some geometry, but I can see too many ways to answer your question that require more questions to clarify. I’m not here for long winded conversation.


Thank you!