Command for set Cplane to Surface?

I’ve been using an alias for setting Cplane to object, which is !_CplaneObject — but the same doesn’t seem to work for setting Cplane to Srf. I thought it would be something like !_CplaneSrf

Does anyone know how I can find the command script for this? Thank you!

the standard _cplane command has a surface option.

try _cplane and use the surface option

not tested but i think your old Alias was linked to
_cplane _surface

for fine-tuning of the command / macro see:

Thanks - I’ve figured it out! – the following alias works: !_Cplane _S

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dear @martin88smith
the solution should be

'_Cplane _Surface

_s will just act as s - as a short version for surface.
but those one-character-shortcuts are not guarantied to be consistent over updates.

! will stop other commands
’ will allow this command to be nestable - especially for cplane related stuff, this is important

the above macro is also used in the official cplane toolbar.

more about macros here

kind regards -tom