Combining two mesh pieces and a bug in rhino

I split a mesh, moved the pieces over, and now want to combine the two. the only way I can think of doing this is to keep adding mesh faces, like this:

However, this takes a great deal of time, and considering that everything lines up exactly, since it was split to start with, is there a faster way?
Thank you:)

Also, I combined two pieces of mesh like this already, and after doing so, I tried to do the same to another piece and I was able to select a mesh edge on one of the pieces, but not the other. Had to re-start Rhino, and then it was fine again.

You could duplicate the mesh borders - which will make 2 closed polylines - then Loft the two polylines with straight sections option to connect them. Then use the Mesh command to create a mesh from the lofted polysurface, delete the polysurface and and Join the 3 mesh pieces together.


Thank you! It worked like a charm:)