Combine multiple surfaces into one for flowalongsrf?

I have a form that is three main towers connected by several bridges and a base. I made this form by lofting each area separately because I could not loft it as a whole.
What I’d like to accomplish is running surfaces, polysurfaces, curves, or extrusions along the surface of the form. Originally, I tried flowalongsrf for each individual piece, but that did not work. Pull did not work either. I then used the outline of the elevation to create the pattern, and projected the pattern to create the 3d extrusions, but that was not as successful as I would like.
To create one surface, I’ve tried extractpt and extractwireframe to patch and networksrf, but neither or those worked. Mergesrf also did not work for me.
Is there a way I can combine these parts into one whole, or a way to more easily attach the pattern, either as curves, surfaces, or polysurfaces to the form?
Attached is the form, with the curves I used to loft it, and the result of projecting.
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 3.28.38 PM

You will not be able to simplify this much because of the difference between the shape and the topology of NURBS surfaces.

This shape looks like a good candidate for SubD modeling in the V7 WIP.