Color Names - Orange

please notice, that under .net / RhinoCommon / C#

is R 255 G 165 B 0

and Rhino s color-chooser top-level Orange is a mathematical Orange
is R 255 G 127 B 0

if you use _selColor this might help you to coordinate programmed colors and Rhino.

see also this old post:

the precise location of the color.txt is here

Hi Tom,

Is there an action to be taken here?

– Dale

dear Dale - thanks for asking - i think no action is necessary.
i just wanted to share that info.

( during development i use orange object color to show errors - invalid results - geometry that went wrong, super short curves …) . I ran into this speciality trying to find some errors… )

but maybe better don t aks - i will come up with the mulit-select option for the Color chooser with _selColor.