Color lock

I think there was a Python script that would let lock the color of objects and lines in a model before I moved them to a single layer. Think it was one of Helvetsoars.

Hi Jody - see if this is it - it makes objects colored by object but matching their layer’s current color… ?

LayerColorObjects.rvb (1.0 KB)

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That is not the one I had in mind Pascal, but thanks as I’m sure those commands can help at times. If an entity is not colored by layer say blue on a red layer, those commands will do the lock to the color layer. The PY script I once had didn’t care what the color assignment was by layer or something unique. The colors you saw where the colors that got locked, despite the layer color. I think I said that right…

Ah, OK - well, if it does not turn up, I can make something…


Is it this? (561 Bytes)

You da Man, Mitch! Thanks so much, I never knew how much I appreciated that little specialty until I couldn’t find it after getting new computer. I get such rediculous AutoCad files for reference and I have a clean up routine to cull, join, and so forth and then I want to keep all the colors but put the whole thing on a ACAD Ref layer and I run your script just before doing so.

Do you have a repository of the many scripts that seem to flow from you?

Well, I do have a page, but it’s unfortunately rather outdated. Now that there is a new Food4Rhino, I would like to be able to put something up that is easier to install and maintain. But I have no idea how to compile over 100 py scripts into a plug-in… plus there are still some older rvb scripts that I haven’t translated due to their length, and I don’t think it’s possible to compile both types together.

There are now far too many to set up toolbars for as I did previously - and not possible for Mac yet in any case - so I want them to be just commands. So that means either creating a plug-in - easiest to install - or a list of aliases - harder to install and resulting in alias “overpopulation”…

For the moment, I am still updating a few of my older rvbs. Hopefully I can put something out this year.


OK, I’ve got a few from here and am grateful, keep em coming! Thanks