Color Gradient on Curve by the Slope in %

Hi, i’m new, so for some reasons i want to know the slope in % of a xyz curve. And i want to represent the % of the slope with gradient colors (on the same curve). for example min (0%) of slope blue, and max (20%) slope red. I will attach a picture of example curve. And another with example of gradient color in curve.



you mean the slope between segments of the curve and an external reference like XY plane?

thx for reply,

what i would like to know is the slope on every part of the curve, and represent it on the same curve that i created with the color gradient. For example if a part of the curve is flat is 0% it will be blue, and if one part increases like 45% of slope, it starts changing to red
(the second picture was an example about color gradient)

That depends…

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files


this is the first thing that comes to my mind (12.1 KB)

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