Collection: SubD Modeling Tutorials for Industrial Design

Hi all,

being new to SubD modeling, I was wondering if there is already a thread with tutorials focused solely on SubD and industrial design?

I just came across the tutorial below and maybe others want to extend the list to have a nice collection in one place?

MX Master3 Mouse:


Videos are also welcome.

This one is more broad on the subject SubD, and the ID part starts at 19:35

All this lies here:

Thanks for hinting to the wiki. It is a great source on the subject indeed.
With this collection I am more looking for tutorials, where an actual product or details of it are being modeled.
Similar to this and other tutorials, despite being nurbs based:

I understand the SubD subject is relatively new to Rhino, but I would hope that with time there will be more industrial design related material to share.

Now that v7 is out, expect to see SubD making a frequent appearance in the upcoming getting started videos.