Clustering the whole code ("Master cluster")

Do you have any hack or idea how I can put into the “Master cluster” a whole code for non-grasshopper users that can simply open it and click the run button to open a window created with Human UI that will be working and updating ? Now it seems that a window is popping up but there is no calculation, preview or rendering of elements done inside the “master cluster”. Or maybe there is another option to wrap around my code and give it to non-grasshopper users ?

No, this is not possible. Human UI is incompatible with clusters. You’d have to isolate the non-human-ui logic and cluster that, but leave human UI external.

If you want to hide the “mess” you can minimize the GH window with a script: How to create a button in Rhino that launches a specific Human UI/GH script

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That are good hints. Thank you!