Closed solid polysurface cutting problems

Hello I have a problem when trying to make an architectural model.
To create walls I draw a closed planar curve, offset it and use extrude closed planar curve.
Which gives me a closed solid polysurface.
It is usually easy holes in walls created like this.
I can draw curves as windows, use wirecut. Or Boolean subtraction.
In my latest project, there are surfaces on the building when these approaches simply will not work. Why is that?

I think the only way to know is if you post one or more of the objects that aren’t working here, with instructions on how to reproduce the problem…

Here is the file. If you try to wirecut holes with the red closed curve in its current location you will probably find, like me, it simply does not work. Similarly with the box used in a boolean process. Any idea why?
Cutting holes in closed solid polysurface.3dm (254.3 KB)

Hi -

Your document tolerances are set to 1.0 units and your model is somewhat far from the origin. The operation you are trying would result in geometry that just barely exceeds the document tolerances. Rhino will work best with tolerances set in the .01 to .000001 range and features should all be one order of magnitude larger than the document tolerances.