Closed Mesh to 3D print with Chitubox

I give in. I’ve spent all day on this and can’t figure out how to get this working. I’ve got a closed mesh model (attached below) and when I open it in Chitubox to slice and change to a .ctb for printing, it doesn’t treat it as a solid. Am I missing something?

Brake Light Mount.stl (1.8 MB)

Hello - the mesh has some self-intersections - use MeshSelfIntersect to see where.



and what’s the process to solve the selfintersection on meshes?

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@pascal I can’t get MeshSelfIntersect to register in either Rhino 5 or 6. Where did you get this command? Thanks!

Hi -

The current version is Rhino 7. The MeshSelfIntersect is a new command in Rhino 7.

In Rhino 7, you run MeshRepair and run the repair routine in the dialog 3 times. Then flip the normals and you get what appears to be a good mesh.