Closed Brep to closed mesh


In some sense i recognized that closed brep doesnt mesh closed mesh.
How to solve it in this example the issue. Results should be closed mesh so Tekla Structures/other programs can read the geometry.

Closed Brep to Closed (169.6 KB)

private void RunScript(Mesh mesh, bool ratchet, double distance, ref object A)
  mesh.MatchEdges(distance, ratchet);
  A = mesh;
} (171.2 KB)

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Hi @MomoJawad ,

Thats is a really known problem! Theoretically, a closed Brep should result in a closed mesh, however, in complex geometries, may be a decimal problem, producing an open mesh.

What I always do is:

  1. Make the transformation from brep to mesh in some coordinates close to the origin.
  2. I use the rhino/grasshopper command Align Vertices with a small tolerance i.e. 0.001
  3. I use the Rhino command Fill the holes just in case a small holes exists in the mesh

Following previous steps, meshes become as always closed.

I hope that this information proves helpful


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