ClippingBox affects rhino "Zoom Extents" even if preview off?

@nholland pointed out to me today that one of my components (which gets camera info like location + target) was affecting Rhino Zoom Extents even when the component’s preview was off. Is this desired behavior? If the component isn’t drawing any geometry why would it still be calculating the clipping box - is that used for something? I overrode the ClippingBox property to return BoundingBox.Unset which fixed the issue for that one component - but if the user feeds those points to a Point param (even w/ preview off) Zoom Extents in rhino is still affected. Is this a bug, or is there some need for this I am not understanding?

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Yes. Reason for this is that in Preview Selected mode the preview on/off flag is ignored. I didn’t want to start recalculating a bunch of stuff every time that mode is toggled, so all preview boundingboxes are always taken into account.

Ah. makes sense!