Clipping Plane no illuminating correctly

Hi everyone,

I have been using Enscape inside Rhino lately and since I have memory using clipping planes always resulted in horrible results in terms of illumination. For some reason the geometry immediately after the clipping plane, the one being trimmed, does not receive any light from any source.

I asked about this in Enscape forum and it looks like they can’t solve it form their side. This is what they replied:

I’m afraid I wish I’d have more positive news but, this is currently not an issue we could directly or easily fix - We basically do not receive the updated geometry from Rhino but only that there’s a clipping plane placed and thus the section is being cut, lighting wise especially when it comes to the shadows we only receive the uncut geometry information. At least put into simple terms that is the current status. If this ever changes in the future or I have more news to share about it, I will keep you informed.

I am not sure who is incharge of rendering in Rhino, but can you guys reach out to Enscape team and try to solve this please?

Here is the discussion in Enscape forum:

Having a clipping plane active in a model doesn’t automatically give you the clipped geometry but the full geometry.

Clipping planes in Rhino are handled in-display, meaning that essentially OpenGL shaders determine when to draw geometry or not.

For Raytraced and Rhino Render (together RhinoCycles) a custom clipping plane solution has been implemented, where ray hits are checked against the clipping plane and rays get adjusted to account for that clipping plane. The geometry received is still the full, unclipped geometry. Currently RhinoCycles does not render fill surfaces. I did write a utility function that can provide those, but I’d still need to get those through the ChangeQueue properly annotated as fill surface (so special handling in clipping plane code can be done).

To recap: all our display modes receive the full geometry and handle the clipping rejection during the drawing.

It should be possible for the creators of Enscape to find a working solution with the current setup.

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