Climate Studio Radiance trans Material

Hi there!

I am trying to do a Radiance Rendering and Point in Time Illuminance with Climate Studio.
For this I am trying to create a Radiance trans material.

(attatched file as .txt should be opened with a code editor and saved as .rad)

If I load this into Climate Studio Material Library, it is recognized as a trans material. However, when trying to make a Radiance Rendering it gives an error.

Does anybody have experience with this and can help me?

tyvek.txt (83 Bytes)


Hi -
Please visit for questions related to the Ladybug Tools.

Hi Wim,

Thank you for the reply!

Unfortunately, this is not a Ladybug Tools problem. It is a Climate Studio ( ClimateStudio — Solemma) problem.

This Plug-in for Rhino is relatively new and doesn’t have its own forum. Or at least I couldn’t find one.

On the other hand a short UPDATE on the trans materials for Radiance:

They seem quite difficult to generate also due to the lack of documentation on actual spectrometry data of these materials. Nevertheless, I was fortunate enough to have been shown this widget that helps with trans material generation. Checking the Radiance Manual Vol 2 (1999) is useful for understanding how to set up the parameters.

Maybe this helps some of you out there.