Circle packing on ruled surface

Hello guys

My challenge is to create a series of openings ( half circles ) on a ruled surface:

I’ve been reading some threads of Daniel Piker about circle packing with kangaroo2 and downloaded some gh files but cant seem to make it work properly, im half way thru


My logic is that perhaps I could mirror the top curve and use it to create the circles with four tangents ( top curve, bottom curve and lateral circles ) and at the end make an offset of the arches, there is a sketch of the idea:

Any thoughts on how to approach this issue? (28.3 KB)

I think the problem of yours is more simple. To fit it cleanly is just a mathematical solution by calculating distance between previous and next point. You get a distance a and half of it is the radius of your arc.

So just take your list of points. Shift the list +1 and - 1 and measure dust between those shifted points. This is diameter of your circle.

Now the question how you would distribute circle centers. Can it be done iteratively adding circles one by one. Finding closest point to top curve and be sure it is not intersecting with prev

Here is a solution, not fully automatic but it helps. You will have to obtain the convergence by end.

It uses Circle Tan Tan Tan and Anemone

You have to specify a number of circles (indeed Number of Circle -2).
Then you move the up or down the curve in order to minimize the distance betwen the first ans last circle.
With 16 circles (slider at 14) you have to move up the curve 0.05 unit.
With 33 circles you have to move down the curve -3.42 unit. (24.9 KB)
A version with some automation
First iterate with differents heigths then find the minimum and apply it. (39.1 KB)


It is also possible to use Gem By 2 curves from Peacock

It was hard to resist to go to a solid model


thank you for the fast reply,

give me a couple of hours to digest all the information

Hey man I’ve been playing with peacock, It works like charm,

I’m wondering, is anemone your go-to plugin when doing recursive calculations? I see that peacock is a bit limited in the output it can generate and is ( for some reason I don’t understand ) specialiced in jewelry geometry

Anemone is the best for that if you don’t want to code. For my projects I often prefer c#.
Peacock is developed by a jeweler Daniel Abalde @Dani_Abalde

Hi. I am dealing with the exact same thing and your script seems to make a lot of sense. But I don’t know why I can’t download it.