Cinema 4d to rhino


I just started using Cinema 4d and installed a plugin called HOT4D
which I recommend if you want to make a great effect of waves (

This superb wave effect, which is a surface, I exported (STL, OBJ, 3DS …) on the rhino software, which I would like to work on

The surface is displayed, which is great but I can not change this surface on rhino …

I discovered a software called “” which allows to convert rhino / cinema 4d files or vice versa,
which costs all the same 100 euros …

How could I do ?
thx !

in which way would you like to work it further? will not help you here i believe. its basically just an interchange plugin for moving objects from rhino scenery into cinema scenery. i assume all it does is to send the mesh and maybe textures and maybe cameras and lights there and back in a convenient way. something which you can do with with exporting as collada.

since this is very most likely a mesh surface you might just stay in cinema and finish whatever you need there cinema has some paint deformers. the rhino wip version has great ways of converting meshes into sub d and nurbs which would allow you to deform it further, but then again it all depends what you want to do.

thank you for your answer and explanations,

i would like to keep this wavy surface

and be able to modify it

so i can get this effect:

if you want to modify the waves itself then why not exploring the options of hot4d which seems to be a copy of the houdini source. i dont see the need for trying to screw around in rhino with something which was not produced there. changing this in rhino does not make any sense at all IMHO. of course you can change some stuff there but the patterns of the finished mesh can not be altered in a useful way without at least using the new wip tools converting it into subd and using creases for example which then again only might help getting crispier edges of the waves. changing patterns would be too tedious.

if you want to explore other options for creating wavy surfaces for better control of the result, then check out grasshopper, here one recent topic i remember which might be interesting. @laurent_delrieu is a pretty good dude to address, should you be interested and eager to invest a bit more work he might chime in to give some advice.

i know, but it’s only on cinema 4d with hot4d that i get this type of surface, i think, it will be too complicated to work on grasshopper.

sounds like you deadlocked yourself a bit.

you show an image and have a plugin, thats all we know.

you dont want to tweak the waves where they came from.
you dont want to use grasshopper.

all you want is to change it somehow in rhino, and nobody knows what.
if you want somebody to help, then pls be more elaborative.

the only thing i still could suggest if you want to keep it simple → would be to explore rhinos heighfield command for this, you get either a nurbs surface or a mesh whatever you like. the image you prepare in photoshop or wherever and you can smooth the result and simplify it to your likings.

something like this.

but nothing which cinema would not do better thanks to its procedural texture system. in fact you would not even need a plugin for it.

sorry if nothing what i offered is helpful, but to explore further options if you want have more control, might be the only way to go.

What Encephalon said. Adding a grayscale to the wave in Cinema4D and then render it from top and then make a nurbs (or dense meh) from it in Rhino and then trim it (here nurbs would be best) sounds like the simplest way to go.

Hi guys, i found a solution, i took the surface from cinema 4d and i simply drapped a surface over it and it’s working ! but thanks for your reply !

however i having trouble when i am trying to wrap this surface on the volume