CheckNewObjects command


Is there a way to script CheckNewObjects setting through python/rhinocommon?
Else I will have to revert to scripted commands

piggybacking my own question
how do we access Rhino-Options-Advanced items through RhinoCommon?
It could be a logical place to store the CheckNewObjects setting…


Hi @Willem,

There is not a way to enable/disable new object checking via RhinoCommon. Just curious, why do you want to do this?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

I have a scripted command that sometimes creates BadObjects. I have no way to do it in Rhinocommon, so I rely on the Command. However I do not want to be bothered by the Popup as it halts the script until the user clicks a button. I currently just script the CheckNewObjects so it’s no showstopper for me.