Check how many lines are connected to a point

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for a network of lines, I am wondering is there a way to check how many lines are connected to a intersection node? any ideas?

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Have a look here:

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This could be one way. (10.7 KB)


Thank you so much Anders, this helps a lot. Now, is it possible to keep the valences under a certain number? for example, having a network with a maximum valences of 8

That depends quite a bit on the input network and your requirements to the output. There are general graph theory methods that may be relevant (e.g. minimum spanning trees and Hamiltonian paths) and native Rhino remeshing methods (e.g. TriRemesh and Quad Remesh), which should all reduce node valence peaks. One could also develop an algorithm that iteratively identifies and removes edges while valence 8 nodes exist. I’d recommend implementing e.g. networkx for such algorithms (that I used here for iteratively removing node paths in a face mesh graph).


Thank you Anders, I know the question is quiet general at this point. Really appriciate these information and examples. they provide me with a good starting point on researching this topic!

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I have a question. How do you get all the curves at each node?