Changing Named Rhino Environment by Grasshopper Script?

Is it possible to switch between Rhino Envorments which already exist by a script from Gh?

You mean the rendering environment shaders?

Not exactly sure, think rather not. What I would like to do is, if I created manually some environments. (In the environment tab) I would like to be able to switch between them via a slider from Grasshopper. (like im able to do now by double clicking on them in the environment tab in rhino).

Yeah that’s what I meant, probably shouldn’t have used the word “shader”.

There’s nothing in core Grasshopper for importing or modifying or selecting environments, but if it’s in the SDK then a C# script will allow you to do so. I’ll have a dig around.

It is possible to do so. RhinoDoc.CurrentEnvironment gives you access to setting environments. Here an older thread that goes into it.

Thank you for the answers both. Happy to hear that even this is possible! Would be great if you would have a look how a C# script in Gh could look like - I don’t speak c#…

The thread I linked to has my regression tester written in Python. Maybe you can glean the necessary parts from it…