Changing Line Style Names

I am currently trying to mass change the name of line styles among a bunch of Detail Item families. I’ve attached the GH file. I’m running into an issue where all of the non-active documents don’t change properly. The active document works just as intended (the names are changed), but all the other open families the names change to something like this. Not sure if it’s a bug or I’m doing something wrong.

Mass Changing Object (9.2 KB)

Can you provide more information? It looks like you are renaming, but feeding the a guid of some sort to the name.

Thanks for adding the file. You are trying to rename the category it appears, not the line style.

This is working for me, not sure where your Guid like number is coming from

Does it work with multiple families? Because it works for me as well, but just for the active document, not all open families. Try having 3+ families open and changing them all at once.

Also, could it have to do with what I’m trying to change being Detail Item subcategories?

That looks like a bug, its only doing it to one, even if you are in a project environment (not in a family), grafted or flattened.

At the moment you can only cycle through one at a time to name.

Damn. Alright, thank you. Do I need to submit a form or something to report the bug or is reported by default since you’re aware?

Consider it reported.

You can cycle through using a list item currently.

Hi @Liam4,

We have fixed this bug on v1.17 and will be available on v1.16 when released.
Thanks for reporting.

Awesome. Thank you!