Changing Gaussian curvature map color

Hello everyone,


I am trying to change the color of the Gaussian curvature map from red-blue to some other ranges like in the attached image Picture1

Since I could not figure out how to do it on Rhino6, I have been trying to change it on Grasshopper by following this video, Exactly!

All the wires and control icons are the same as in the video. However, when I adjust the color bar, nothing happens unlike in the video.

Update : This flowmap does not do Gaussian curvature mapping…

It seems according to your screenshot, you forgot to flatten the Bound component’s “N”(Number)input.

Sorry for the unhelpful comment but looking at many of those range options I’m thinking, “Is that a joke?” The default color gradient I’ve got books that explain in detail how it’s terrible information design, but some of those are a whole other level. (14.2 KB)


but why is it not working on trimmed surfaces?
correction: it’s also not working on surfaces with singularities.