Change the Color of the Subcategory Labels in the Component Menu?

How to change the text color?


I got an email today from Stack Overflow, referring to this page:

Asking questions is easy. Asking great questions is hard.

As a long time Stack Overflow community member I know, like many of you, that posting a good question is difficult! It requires thoughtfulness and an attention to how to best convey the issue you are having. You need to take a step back and pretend you are describing your problem to a total stranger that has no context around your situation. They aren’t seeing your compilation logs, and they don’t know what the feature you are building is, what libraries you are using, or what version of the framework is on your machine.

Sorry @mehran09197306634me, no points for this question.

Be silent when you don’t know
You don’t need to answer a question when you don’t know it


You’re right, I could just ignore you. And I will. Ciao.

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me too

I changed your discussion title to make a little clearer what you want!
I remember from a while back that you used to be able to edit the GUI interface by fiddling with the right XML file. I wonder where it’s located nowadays?

I’ve made some calorie changes, the only problem is with the grasshopper


On windows you can get to all settings xml files via the File menu. grasshopper_gui.xml is the one you meant I think, but I doubt it contains fields for that particular text rendering. You may well be out of luck, but the solution will be us making sure the panel text is always drawn in a contrasting colour.