Change of basis - apply transformation to local angles into global


I have an object that has been rotated in the local x y z about the origin (i.e. rotations using the gimble with the axis system snapped to the object).

I can use a change of basis to obtain the transformation matrix from the world coordinate system to the final local system.

Is there a way to determine the x y z angular rotation in the world coordinate system?


See if the c# script here Rotation Transformation Values from Camera to Target can be any useful to you…

Riccardo, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately the rotations are still around the local axes that move with the rotated object. I am looking to give three rotations on the world axes that result in the final orientation of an object.

It’s difficult to help you without any data.

You can obtain yaw+pitch+roll of both situation: world trasformation or local/relative trasformation; i’ve put them both ready on the example on the link.

Please find attached the sample file. I have amended your script, your script is hidden but still there for reference.

Hopefully it is clear what I am attempting and what is happening; assuming I have the start and end geometry, but don’t know the rotations made, I than want to use the angles obtained to rotate on the world axes.

However, the yaw pitch roll don’t give the correct result.

yawpitchroll.3dm (49.5 KB) (28.3 KB)