Using Transform.ChangeBasis


I am trying to learn coding in c#, When Tranform.Changebasis() Method is used in the c# component the output is not as desired. the orient component in grasshopper solves the issue but can someone help me find where i went wrong.

when transform is used

when orient is used

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Hi @neerajsmurali,

To transform something form one coordinate system to another, create a transform object using Transform.ChangeBasis .

If you had a point in 3-D point from world x-y coordinates and you wanted to report to the user what that point was in construction plane coordinates (of the active viewport), you would use a change of basis transformation.

If you wanted to orient an object oriented from one plane to another plane, you would not use a change of basis transformation. Rather, you use a plane-to-plane transformation using Transform.PlaneToPlane . This is because you are not looking to convert from one coordinate system to another. You are simply looking orient in the same coordinate system.

Hope this helps.

– Dale

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