Change layer of block definition?



Is it possible to change the layer of a block definition? I want to delete a layer which has nothing on it except for a single block definition (although no block instances), but I am warned that I have to delete the block before I can delete the layer. But I don’t want to delete the block—I just want to move the definition to a different layer.

(Wim Dekeyser) #2

Insert the block somewhere and double-click to edit the block definition. Move the object(s) to another layer and exit the edit mode.

(John Brock) #3

You potentially have multiple layers “in play” here.
First there are the layers the original objects were drawn on. Wim’s description handles this.
There is also the layer that was current when the block instance was created. If you check the properties of the block instance, this is the layer shown.

(Mistwizzled) #4

I think the question is going to the point - how can I delete the layer of a block definition?

It means there are further layers “in play”, am I right, John?
Layer of a block definition - the layer where the block was initialy created and you can’t delete this till the definition exist
Layer of a block instance - the layer shown in the block instance properties. You can change this one, but the block definition stays where it was created.
Layer of block objects - layers of original object within the block, you change these talyers whene managing block.

So is it possible to change the layer of block definition? Thanks!

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hello - the objects in a block definition are on layers - the definition as a whole does not have a layer. Your first item, ‘layer of a block definition’, is not ‘a thing’. The layer that was active when the block was created would be the instance layer for that first instance. If the block objects also happen to be on that layer then that is the same as your third item…


(Mistwizzled) #6

In a moment of deleting layer Rhino alerts there is a block definition…
can i than chang where the block definition is, or i have to always delete it and afterwards i can delete even the layer which was initialy active, when the black was created?