Challenges creating complicated chamfered edge

I am currently trying to create an edge similar to this reference image of the Play Jam Controller. I have tried using the Sweep 2 Rail tool to achieve this feature however the result produces a complicated surface finish which includes gaps when trying to join the surrounding surfaces.

I was wondering if someone might be able to assist with some feedback for possible solutions for achieving this feature.

Play Jam 2 Play Jam 1

Sample.3dm (289.6 KB)

Hello - I’d make it by building clean separate curves and surfaces - lines where the design says linear, true arcs where that is what’s needed.


-PascalSample Maybe.3dm (83.4 KB)


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Hi, thank you for responding to my post. I am just curios to better understand your solution, ‘building clean separate curves and surfaces’ relates to breaking to model down into individual sections ? In addition to this I was wondering what you mean by ‘true arcs’ ?

Hi Dave -

Yes, that is where you can identify planar surfaces, cylindrical ones and so on, you can generally get a cleaner model by building those exact surfaces directly rather than rely on tools like SweepX or NetworkSrf to try to find the right shape.

If I look at the top edge of this complex surface it looks like it is probably straight lines connected by tangent arcs - the curvature graph seems to confirm this, but it is messy:

But you can make it as actual lines and tangent arcs and things come out clean:

easier to work with.


Hi Pascal,

Breaking the contraction down into sections really helped !

Thank you for you help.

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