Chain Edges in Grasshopper?

Hi everybody!

I was working again with some brep to fillet, but the index “filtering” for each fillet execution was a bit cumbersome.
I wondered if there was some sort of “chain edge” method to automatically get a whole continue edge “strain”, like in Rhino commands… haven’t found any. (please tell me if there was a native method…)

So I’ve made a c# script that groups curves (edges in this case, but should work with any curve list) by G1 continuity:

ChainEdges (105.0 KB)

Making fillets or chamfers with the “Fillet Edge” component on complex shapes now can be more accessible and/or easier:

I’ve just wrote this, so further tests will happen. Seems decent for now.
Let me know if you find it useful or it doesn’t work as expected! :laughing: