CCX bug with example

In V6 I get some odd bug in this simple setup where I intersects the bent rectangles with the curve.
In some locations (just move the curve around a bit) it only returns the intersection on one rectangle.

BUT if I turn off parallel computing for the CCX then it works fine.

CCX bug.3dm (34.9 KB)

I didn’t include the grasshopper component as it is faster to recreate than to download and load.

… and now it works fine on opening the file I just made, even with parallel computing turned off or on.
well, have a go at it anyway if you like and see if it happens.

I seem to be having a similar issue - the Curve-Curve-Intersection component returns different results, based on whether Parallel computing is on or off.

If evaluated correctly, there should be no significant difference/distance between the point of the intersection, and the point on curve, evaluated at that parameter. In the single-stream CCX (upper/red) this is true (sum of distances is near 0). In the parallel version (, this is not true (sum is near 400 units).

All of the evaluated points should fall at the intersection of the circles and the boundary curves. On some of the points generated using Parallel computing (Squares), this is clearly not the case. (51.7 KB)

Rhino SRC 7.3 - 6.7.18190.21071
Gh 1.0007