Capture view to file in Pen style mode


i’m capturing a viewport to an image like in the example here

No i’m trying to set the style of the display to Pen style, but i’m struggling with that. The resulting image is always only a simple wireframe.

Do you have any clue?

Hi @dsw,

When I’m above water, I’ll write you a sample.

– Dale

Hi @dsw,

Here is an SDK sample for you to review:


The problem with the prior sample is that is uses the stock OpenGL pipeline. Pen mode, however uses a Technical Pipeline, a derivative of our OpenGL pipeline, as the driving pipe. The OpenGL pipeline knows nothing about “technical display” stuff, so all you get is wireframe results.

The correct thing to do is to create your pipeline using a given display attribute’s “Pipeline Class” that will give you whatever pipeline has been defined by those attributes in this case, you’ll get a “Technical Pipeline”.

Hope this helps.

– Dale

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thanks @dale for the sample