Can't take color off this mesh object

Greetings, Rhino friends,

The attached mesh object of a tree is partially black and partially white. For some strange reason I can’t delete the black.It had a bark texture which I deleted, Color tree.3dm (1.1 MB)
and made sure that it’s property was By layer - and it still is coming out partially black and partially white.

Any thoughts?

Hi Cosmas - the thing has vertex colors, not a texture in this case - RebuildMesh will clear those.


Awesome, Pascal. Thank you.

Hi Pascal,

Thinking about this, should there not be a command RemoveVertexColors and RebuildMesh should maintain the colors?


Hi Willem - in V6, RebuildMesh has some options, so I guess it can be used as a vertex color remover - that may be sufficient, I think - it is probably rarely enough needed that a separate command is not needed (?)


Select meshes to rebuild ( PreserveTextureCoordinates=Yes  PreserveVertexColors=Yes ):


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