Cant see why my surfaces won't create a solid

Good morning all,

I am unsure why my surfaces wont create a solid…

Any help is much appreciated.

ENCLOSURE_all.3dm (993.1 KB)


Uploaded a new file.
Created multiple solids then union them together. But for some reason this last union wont work.
Hope i can solve it but any help would be great. Will post back if i fix it.

Hello - the red object has non-manifold edges -

This object should not have any internal faces like the different colored ones.


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Hi Pascal.

Thank you for your reply! I actually just fixed it although I feel I have kinda have cheated… I created a new panel, and just dragged a face up and down until the two would union.

I have gone back to my original document and found the non-manifold edges under ‘ShowEdges’ command.

Will have a play how to model it correctly.

/edit what happens if i have a “closed non-manifold polysurface” that contains those non-manifold edges? Can i still 3D print the object? my non-manifold edges appear to be internal or along edges of where i joined multiple solids via union


Thank you for your help! much appreciated.

Hello -

No. There may be systems which allow this but I would not expect it.

These are typically internal, yes… any edge that is joined to more than one other edge is non-manifold and potentially causes all sorts of problems. I don’t know how you got there but the model looked a bit scrappy - I think just being more careful in your construction - snaps and so on - will help.


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Thank you for your explanations Pascal!!

I have fixed it all!!!