Can't install ladybug and honeybee

Hi guys, I really need this so I really appreciate your help.

I’ve been trying to install ladybug and honeybee but i can’t seem to drag and drop the file components onto the canvas. I have GH_Cpython, ghpython2 and GhPython. Eventually I dragged and dropped the file components into the GH libraries folder and restarted by rhino but ladybug and honeybee tabs were still not on there.

Any ideas?

Much appreciated!

Hi - the LB|HB components should be in the UserObjects directory, not the Libraries directory.
Also, please visit the dedicated forum to find answers and ask new questions that are related to LB|HB:

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Where can I find the UserObjects file? Would I just drag and drop the ladybug files in the User Object file?

Hi - it’s not a file, it’s a directory.
You can open this directory through the File menu in Grasshopper: