Can't Find Grasshopper Component

I actually have had something close to this definition I didn’t think I would need to post it to show effort because it’s some simple sliders, few curves, and two tags the main component I was looking for makes up this entire definition. I didn’t know it was a paid tutorial until I got off of a work computer because it wasn’t letting me get to the website. In my previous threads within the forum I have provided a .gh file to show means of effort this one I thought wasn’t needed due to the component needed to make up the definition.

I gave you a link what is important when asking questions. If you have specific question regarding difficulties you have using the software you include a file in the topic description. Do you expect to post a screenshot and everyone willing to help you to spend time re-creating it?

This topic is about missing component, it was concluded such component doesn’t exist.

If you still have a specific question create a new topic, provide enough information and good description what your problem is, I guarantee you will get the help you need.