Can't download WIP version

ok, can’t see a better place to post it so… I can’t download the WIP version. When I enter my license number I get:

The license key you entered has already been used by someone else:

Any suggestions what’s wrong?

You will have to send an email to to get this sorted out.

Did you remember to fill in your e-mail as well as the license?

Yes, I did - that’s why I’ve been a bit surprised. I’m pretty sure I used
correct one this time - last week I struggled when I’ve been installing my
Rhino EDU license on the laptop I use to run lectures for jewelry students
on. Thus I had to figure it out :slight_smile: .

Hi Przemas - can you please check in with, if you have not sorted this out?


thx Pascal, it seems it has been handled (at least on my workshop license, I’ll be checking my private one during the weekend).