Can't do Edge Continuity on three surfaces?

I want to have an edge continuity running on the dashed edge in addition to what I have:

But that dashed edge is shared with the edge from the first analysis, so now it seems I can’t add it.

I’ve tried several different selection steps, but nothing seems to work. Does anyone know and exact step-by-step to make it show up? The Ux of tool is really finnicky and not very flexible or forgiving and oh my god so painful to use without this.

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divide the long edge in two parts, exactly at the point of intersection.
this is the solution I usually do to get around this problem.

there is this faster trick. join all the surfaces, then explode them, after the explosion the edges will split automatically.

(provided that the distance between the edges is within tolerance, so that there would be no naked edge)

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Sometimes, after joining and exploding the model Rhino will mess up with the geometry and will destroy the original edges. This is why commands such like ! _RebuildEdges and ! _Untrim are handy in those situations, if the problem occurs.

! _RebuildEdges also helps with models that were previously made with a different Absolute tolerance, which happens most often after importing models sent by customers. Or models where ! _JoinEdge was used to force joint edges whose gap in-between is larger than the Absolute tolerance. Once the models get exploded and the surface edges are being rebuilt with ! _RebuildEdges, you will notice that the major surfacing tools such like “Blend surface”, “Sweep 2 rails”, “Loft” etc will produce cleaner geometry most of the time.


I think that the “Edge continuity” tool of Rhino should auto-detect adjacent surfaces (even if they are slightly away from each other), as well as allow (pre)selecting multiple surfaces to turn on the continuity graph with as fewer mouse clicks possible (just like in your example from Alias).


my suggestion concerns the geometries created in rhino.
if the goal is just to scan the edges, I think splitting is a solution, or less so to solve the problem temporarily. handling split edges is a broad topic to summarize the pros and cons.
rhino is not yet mature to analyze contunuity between edges for models carried from other CAD software.
but it is among the best for the creation of geometries, undoubtedly