Can't connect wires from cluster


(Chris M) #1

i just created a very small cluster of a few components. but I am not able to connect the output of the cluster to anything? Not sure if i did something wrong or if it’s just weird :man_shrugging:

quick edit i put the x and y valutes of img on 2 not 1. still not working

wires not (8.5 KB)

thanks for the help


This should work now.

I copied and replaced all three “last components” connecting to the outputs, and replaced the output tags. Then they started to connect again. Fast in-pathen funkade inte så bra, men det var en annan historia. :slight_smile:

wires not (10.9 KB)

// Rolf

(Chris M) #3

hm very strange :smiley:

thanks for your help. next time it happends I will try your solution



I didn’t dive v ery deep into the problem. Could it be that the Swedish characters played a role in the problem? I just scrapped them - to no avail - and then replaced the items altogether.

// Rolf

(Chris M) #5

no! i just put the Ö and Ä back again. still working so not because of this :slight_smile: