Cannot intendedly success sweep2

I would like to do sweep2 some curves.
But the result is not correct. As you can see the capture image, the surface generated by sweep2 is partially curled. I would like to sweep them smoothly.
I have tried Dir or Flip command already, but it still doesn’t work.
Does anyone have solution?

I’ll attatch the file on that problem included the expected result that I ganerated by Network Srf command.
Issue data.3dm (144.7 KB)

I noticed a couple things .1- curve at lower left was not connected to other curve. I tried surface from 2,3,4 edges. It worked in a good way. Also the upper curve had a lot of control points. I reduced it to 8 control points x 3 degree.—Mark

Are you running V6 or V7 ?Issue data.3dm (302.1 KB)

Issue data.3dm v6.3dm (302.2 KB)
in case you are running v6. —Mark

Hello - use the long curves as the rails here.


Thank you for your help. Version is V6.

I tried what I want on the file you supplied, but it doesn’t work as I expected.
When I make the curve at lower left and the oppsite one as the rail, it worked.
But I want to use the curves other than them as the rail for sweep2.
Maybe it won’t work as I expected. I’ll consider other way.

Thank you for your advice.
I tried that with extended curves as the rails, but it doesn’t work well.

Hello - is this not what you expect?


Hi, I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t like to do that, actually the file I shared is a part. I should have shared the entire one firstly.

I’ll attach the file included the entire curves.
I want to make the 2 longest curves as the rail of sweep2. and use the other 4 curves as the section
Issue data.3dm (155.4 KB)

Hello - your curves are not very clean or compatible here - that being so, I would use a NetworkSrf here if you need a single surface - but I would make the corners sharp and trim the rounds in afterwards,


Thank you, as you showed in the picture, NetworkSrf can help to make it, but it still doesn’t work as I expected.
As you can see, the surface generated with NetworkSrf is not flat. But it should be flat.
That’s why I would like to use Sweep2. It can generate the flat surface following the curves at once.
I’m sorry to say that later.

Is there any solution to flatten it?

Thank you for replies.
I’ve got the good result with the other way.

Hello - your long curves are only tangent at the flat part -

neworkSrf always makes curvature continuous surfaces so cannot exactly match those curves - you can do this with three surfaces, however - one flat and two tangent.


Thanks you very much. I understood the spec of NetworkSrf.
Just to be sure, could you share your edited file that you used to show as example if you have? Thanks.

Hello - yes, sure - Issue data (PG).3dm (188.8 KB)

It’s very helpful. Thank you!