Cannot find ClayMerge command

Trying to merge 2 bodies back to one again. The one I’m trying to merge back was extracted from the body. Cannot find the “ClayMerge” command evan when typing into command line. Anyone have thoughts?
Pic of screen

Hi @SitkaDude,

You’re probably looking for ClayWeld command

Let us know if it works for you.


Thanks for your reply!

I was hoping there was a more efficient way of snapping these two bodies back together. They share identical edge and vertex geometry. I have been manually repositioning them as close together as possible then individually welding the vertices. This always slightly distorts from the original shape I extracted from, and takes forever…

Thought ClayMerge may solve this but it doesn’t seem to be accessible in menus.

I need to this type of operation frequently and would appreciate any tips to make this more efficient


Hi @SitkaDude,

Thanks for you feedback. If I understood it right, the problem you have is the 2 objects you want to merge are too far (like in the image) of each other and you can’t reposition one of them exactly to the position it should be. After that, ClayWeld works but distorts the original shape because they don’t fit exactly.

Can you try this steps?

  1. Select the “basic” view mode and use “Move” command from Rhino to move one of the parts to the other exactly so they fit perfect. You can pick any vertex of the first object, and the same vertex of the second object as “initial” and “end” point of the movement.
  2. Pick selection by Edges on the Toolbar
  3. Execute ClaySelectNakedEdges (it should select all the edges naked from both objects)
  4. Pick selection by Vertices on the Toolbar.
  5. Use ClayWeld

The image you display of Merge is from Clayoo 1.0, in 2.5 I’m pretty sure it was replaced by ClayWeld and doesn’t exist


Thanks so much for your help! That has put me way ahead with working my models. Really excited with Rhino & Clayo. So much more to learn…