Cannot Access 1 of 2 Split Lists from Random Reduce

So I am doing a color pattern of geometries by splitting into a random items with random reduce. However it only gives me access on 1 of the 2 lists. I want to access the other list so that I can manipulate the coloring. I’ve tried using those listed items as culled sequence but I am stumped. Attached is screenshot of what I am talking about and definition.

052023_Cannot access split list a random (25.5 KB)

I haven’t studied your code yet but why did you flatten the output of Entwine ? (which is then passed to Random Reduce)

If you want to randomly split each branch, Dispatch might be a better choice than Random Reduce?

P.S. Perhaps something along these lines?

split list random (22.9 KB)

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Thanks alot! This helps!

Here is a different approach. The ‘Reduce%’ slider (blue group) sets what percentage of each list will be teal(?)-colored vs. white. The ‘Seed’ slider just below it randomizes which breps are teal vs. white.

split list random (26.7 KB)

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