Can you create Speed Cut Maya in Rhino?

Hi all
Adding a tool like this to the rhino can be very good and helps a lot with the modeling process …
Even this tool has been added to the Blender software
That affects the main object with every change

I take it this reply is valid here…

Well, then we don’t need rhino at all.We do this in other software.Because we have to constantly export from other software,
This is not a complete software that does not have a bunch of different tools. And it’s weakening

Hi Mehran

From what I know all these technologies of live booleans are based on meshes like Zbrush, Modo, or Blender. Something similar in nurbs could take a lot of processing, and may have limitations, but I would be happy to have a live preview in mesh if that was possible.
I use Modo with meshfusion for this kind of workflow, then you can import the elements to rhino and convert them to subD and after that to nurbs, or you can just bring the finish form in dense polygons and use it as base to model in nurbs.

The only example I remember that used something that looks like nurbs was Groboto, the developers sold the technology to Modo. But the forms were simple primitives always closed, you could duplicate and change scale an proportions.


Hi @laborda
Yes, yes, but I want Rhino to be able to do that. This is very useful and can help. I work with Blender and Maya.
If we had to export from other software and import it into Rhino, we wouldn’t need Rhino
As long as these commands are not added to the rhino, the rhino is weak in the subd field…
Hope to add thanks to the developers

Well @mehran09197306634me it seems that you have your own answers, Rhino is strong in Nurbs and is not that mature in the SubD field yet, and although it’s growing I don’t think it will become a competitor to Maya or Blender, because they have different targets. The same happen with Maya if you want to do complex models for production in Nurbs. But if you look 20 years back, CAD for product design and Poly modeling for animation where far away, now they are becoming more an more compatible, but it seems that we have to wait a bit more to have an integrated solution that unifies both worlds with the accuracy and flexibility we want.

It would make sense for there to be negative shapes in Rhino. Seems like it would be useful, and there was a plugin that did it in Rhino, but not very well. I don’t remember the name.

You could use Dendro for some of this…

Hi @phcreates are you talking about this ?