Can you create different details in Z direction

Is it possible to create a layout with details in Z direction such that only objects in that Z to be shown in that particular detail?

Hello - I guess with some layer organization that is possible.


Thanks Pascal,

Can you elaborate?
Can I point out that a particular layer is shown on just one detail but hidden in the others?

Yes, exactly - HideLayersInDetail


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How can I “ungrey” this panel?

That did it, thanks.
You have to double click in the detail and then run the command.


could you please check on your side HideLayersInDetail is not persistent when the layers are coming from Worksessions’ attached models.

Hello - yep - this is true - there is not currently a solution to that that I know of.


Do you think that can make it to the list of features in Rhino7?

Hello - I think that is unlikely in V7.0 .