Can we have Material Menu display as text list?

Hi guys,

I am working with some large textures inside Rhino, and every time I click on the Material menu, Rhino freezes for some seconds as it loads the textures to display the material previews. This happens every time I click on the menu.

The same behavior happens with Named Views, but at least there I can opt to only display the name of the view, making it lighter to load.

Can we have the same option in materials please? I don’t need to see the preview every time.

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Hi Shynn Sup - Yep, got that, thanks.
RH-68455 Materials as list

This is handled in the V8 WIP for Libraries with a slider for the preview size - below a certain size you just get the name. (actually, I see this is a lie as of today - there is still a small and useless thumbnail but I tihnk that is just a mistake, it should go away.)



Hi there!

Could we have the file that’s causing the problems? I’d like to see if I can get this to work much faster for you without having to get rid of the thumbnails.

You can upload it to Rhino - Upload to Support, put as the destination address. Make sure “Save textures” is checked when you save.

  • Andy

Sure, done!

Thanks - I’ve got the file, I’ve logged a bug and I will be looking into what can be done.

  • Andy
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