Can the circuit board effect be created using Grasshopper?

I would like to ask all the masters, can the effect of this picture be produced with grasshopper? If so, is there any link where I can learn this technique?


This - maybe - requires a variation of the classic PMST (Min Span Tree) algo. Unlikely to solve it without code (but hope dies last). Obviously you’ll need some suitable policy for the Graph (or a Mesh as a Graph). The PMST works with an Adj Matrix [out of a VV Connectivity].

there was a discussion on this subject

Some fast test using my Nautilus tool with stepped noise …


Here are some explanation and the script.
First make a mesh (planar or not !). I use my text component from Nautilus plugin

It could be quad but it will be triangulated on my tools.
I refine this mesh a lot in order to have sharp path, my tools to follow a vector field smooths the paths if mesh is coarse.
So if you don’t want sharp turns, you can keep a coarse mesh.

Then for each vertex of the mesh a vector is calculated. I use my stepped field component from Nautilus. You can use whatever field component you want (I think it will work). I choose 2 times for a same fields in order to have crossing trajectories.
The angle step is choosen to be 45°, 90° doesn’t seem to work well (89° or less seems to work a bit better).

Trajectories are calculated using departure points. I use my own component but Populate Geometry from Grasshopper will also work.

The 2 in D input means the tool calculate the path from and to the point.
I used my licenced component but it must work with the other.
Paths are then jittered then all overlapping curves are cleaned.
WARNING : the 0.15 in D (distance) input makes the calculation long or not. It MUST be proportional to the size of the geometry you are using. Geometry in 20 unit in length, distance between curves is chosen to be 0.15 so around 1/100.

Then some coloring “Et Voilà”

stepped noise (24.2 KB)

On a sphere


Thanks for sharing mate. This is a very clean process that can be easily translated to clean curves for vector drawings and ploter machines. I will give it a try whit the ploter machine and share some results when ready.

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@laurent_delrieu bit off topic, but question, how do you make these nice printscreens/images, with stacked rotate images with a stroke? You made a photoshop action? Love it, shows a lot of care

… never knew